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About TrainYo

We built TrainYo to enable people from all backgrounds and experiences to break into a well paid, diverse career in tech. 
Our team is made up of experienced individuals with a combined background in recruitment & technology, who identified common issues with the training & placement of sales professionals in tech.

Our Core Values:

About: Services
Sunil Kumar
Co-Founder & CEO
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Omar Sadik
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Katherine Simches
Head of Training & Fair Representation
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Katherine started her career 6 years ago in  silicon valley. She has gone from SDR to SDR Team Lead during that time and now acts as SDR Director for multiple early-stage startups. In 2019 she was selected as one of Europe's Top Women in Sales and is now deeply passionate about encouraging individuals from underrepresented backgrounds to pursue a career in sales.

Alasdair Henderson
Board Member & Founders Coach
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Alasdair is a proven sales leader, coach and mentor with almost 2 decades of GTM success Alasdair has been part of 2 acquisitions, experienced growth from 0-50M and 0-200 employees, and most recently led Airbnb’s B2B enterprise expansion in EMEA following one of his consulting clients being acquired by them. 

Kaira Singh
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Kaira has been a UI/Visual designer for the last 7 years, working in tech/media and specialising in mobile app design. She has since ventured into web design and has also started her own small cake business which she runs on the side of designing.

I started my career in recruitment (with Omar!!) in manufacturing & then SaaS sales before moving to Amsterdam to get into tech. Getting into tech was tough at the time, even though I had great sales experience, I had no degree and this seemed to be a massive deterrent. However my then recruitment client, Alasdair Henderson took a chance on me at Optimizely and referred me as an SDR.


After I got sacked from a role (yes this happened multiple times), I was determined to find the right role. It was May 2020 at the peak of the pandemic. Despite a down market, within a week I had a ton of interviews and following that, multiple job offers during a time were everyone was struggling for work. I realised I had knowledge on how to navigate this market, but I also saw a lot of flaws in the recruitment process for sales talent e.g requirement for a degree.

I started my career in sales, before moving into recruitment and then tech (yes, Sunil followed me😆). When I was recruiting for SaaS talent and when I actually moved into tech, I saw obvious hiring biases based on degrees, everyone was pretty much from the same backgrounds etc.


I also saw a lack of training for an SDR (it took me about 2 months to get used to the tech stacks!). When Sunil approached me about TrainYo, I saw an opportunity to make a real difference to how companies source sales talent and help people across all backgrounds get into tech and build meaningful, well paid careers.

Bharat Kumar
Strategic Advisor
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Bharat is a globally networked technology professional with 25 years of experience of driving revenue for companies like Splunk, Microsoft and IBM. He is well versed in raising investment and been part of Executive teams to have achieved 4 successful exits.

Jonathon Ilett
Strategic Advisor
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Jonathon is currently the Head of Sales of Cognism, a LinkedIn recognised Top 10 UK start-up. He was the 3rd sales hire as a SDR after numerous promotions he led the company from $8m to it's current $18m ARR. Outside Cognism, Jonathon angel invests in early-stage organisations like Reachdesk and PlayterPay.

Bryan Elsesser
Strategic Advisor
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Bryan is an SDR thought leader. Having been Director of Sales development at Aircall, Yext, eMarketer he is now VP of Sales at SaaStr. 

Bryan advises mutliple successful SaaS start ups, such as Dooly and is seen as one of the most prominent sales leaders in tech.

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