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Fair Representation

Our mission is to create equal opportunities & level the playing field for EVERYONE

We don't believe in using diversity just as a buzzword. Here at TrainYo we're passionate about attracting the best & brightest people, regardless of their backgrounds.

All Hands In

We develop partnerships with organisations to drive awareness around your commitment to fair representation & giving people from all backgrounds equal opportunities whilst getting your brand in front of a whole new audience.
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Looking to develop a partnership which drives awareness around your commitment to DE&I?
Why do we care so much?

We're committed to building a world where it doesn't matter where you're born, your background, financial situation, everyone should have access to practical education and opportunities.

Both our founders came from underprivileged backgrounds and experienced how tough it was to break into tech. They understand how people from different backgrounds have no awareness around the tech sector and lack the belief to enter the industry. Even if they are aware, they face significant challenges to break in due to outdated hiring processes and beliefs

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