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Join our SDR program

A £100,000 career in tech sales
is waiting for you!

Our free, 8 week training & placement program prepares you for a career in tech sales. After graduating with TrainYo, you are supported into an SDR role with a growing tech company - with an average first year package of £40,000!

Our next cohort starts on May 29th -
Apply below now!

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What is an SDR?

An entry level sales role in the Technology Sector.

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Less than 1 in 5 technology workers in the UK is a woman or from a BAME background.


I have learning difficulties, can I apply? Yes! Sunil has ADHD & Dyslexia ✍️

I'm a single parent & may need some flexible working, can i apply? Of course! 👶🏽

II've been out of work for a while, will this go against me? Nope!🙌🏿

I haven't got a degree on access to technology. Can I apply? Well, Sunil & Omar don't have degrees so why not! 📚

Sign up below to take your first step into tech and be part of our next cohort 

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Our Process

Here's a little more info.

Our program is 100% free. We won’t hold you back from breaking into tech, no matter what background, education or experience you have. The program consists of:

An 8 week program - part time in the evenings. 

Live sessions & real life practical training experience. 

Feedback & coaching from world class sales leaders.


Week 1

Program starts,

you're ready to go!


Week 4

You're crushing it!

Keep it up!!!


Week 8

Program completed!

you're now ready to start interviewing with our partners, well done!

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But why would I want to work in
tech sales?

Why Tech?
1. The tech sector is wicked! It’s constantly growing, gives you opportunities to progress up, sideways into different positions, across different countries & is the most forward thinking industry when it comes to employee well being.
2. The companies you will be interviewing with will be in the tech space, known as SAAS companies (software-as- a-service). These are companies whose technology is hosted on the cloud. Think using Netflix instead of buying a DVD player and loads of DVD’s (old school example!).


TrainYo sounded too good to be true and like a scam considering it was completely free. Towards the end of the bootcamp, I'd lined up 3 interviews and am now an established SDR!

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