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Fair Representation 

We don't believe in using diversity just as a buzzword. Here at TrainYo we're passionate about attracting the best & brightest people, regardless of their backgrounds.

Less than 1 in 5 technology workers in the UK is a woman or from a BAME background.

I have learning difficulties, can I apply? Yes! Sunil has ADHD & Dyslexia ✍️


I'm a single parent & may need some flexible working, can I apply?
Of course! 👶🏽


I've been out of work for a while, will this go against me? Nope!🙌🏿


I haven't got a degree or access to technology. Can I apply? Well, Sunil & Omar don't have degrees so why not! 📚

Working where it matters.

We're committed to making a real difference to young people in under privileged areas. By forging relationships with local schools and community projects,, we are opening doors for individuals to give them access to build and develop a well paid, meaningful career in tech.

Technology Grants.

For those from under privileged areas who don't have access to technology - TrainYo is committed to supporting them by providing them with brand new laptops and 4G connectivity if necessary.

We are what we eat.

Our co-founders and board of advisors are from a wide variety of different backgrounds and we are all committed to ensuring fair opportunities for all...



Our next cohorts in the UK, Ireland & US start on January 30th - Apply below now!!

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