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* Sign up here to take your first step into tech and be part of our next cohort in the UK, Ireland or US, taking place on January 30th 2023

Here's a little more info.

Our program is 100% free. We won’t hold you back from breaking into tech, no matter what background, education or experience you have. The program consists of:


         An 8 week program - part time in the evenings. 

         Live sessions & real life practical training experience. 

         Feedback & coaching from world class sales leaders.


Week 1


Program starts,

you're ready to go!

Week 4


You're crushing it!

Keep it up!!!


Week 8


Program completed! You're now ready to start interviewing with our partners, well done!



Laptop Typing
But why would I want to work in tech sales?
Why Tech?

1. The tech sector is wicked! It’s constantly growing, gives you opportunities to progress up, sideways into different positions, across different countries & is the most forward thinking industry when it comes to employee well being.


2. The companies you will be interviewing with will be in the tech space, known as SAAS companies (software-as- a-service). These are companies whose technology is hosted on the cloud. Think using Netflix instead of buying a DVD player and loads of DVD’s (old school example!).

  • What is TrainYo?
    We are a SDR hiring platform, connecting Talent & SDR Teams with both entry level and Senior SDR's from all backgrounds who have gone through an 8 week SDR specific program. Our platform automates the sourcing process for talent teams & enables SDR leaders to reduce ramp & churn whilst driving fair representation across your SDR org!
  • Are there any additional costs to hire through the platform?
    No! Our annual subscription is £6,000 and enables you to hire unlimited SDR's in any region globally whilst giving your SDR team unlimited access to our training program as well. FYI this is early pricing and will change in the future, so hit us up!
  • Who does the training?
    We've collated thought leaders and SDR's across the industry to lead our live sessions on the training program. We have the likes of Will Alred leading Email writing, Benjamin Dennehy leading our cold calling and more!
  • How do you present your profiles?
    All profiles are presented in our platform with the following: LinkedIN profile & CV (Resume) Introduction Video Cold Call Roleplay and Email Examples We encourage you to judge our grads on their ability rather than just a CV!
  • Can you cover all regions?
    Yes we can. If your hiring outside of London & New York, we will need 3 months notice to ensure we have talent in the specific area required (you do have to be an existing customer to request this) Again, there's no extra costs, it's all included in your 12 month subscription
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